„I used to have pain for years, and most of the day I would spent stiff. My doctor says I have degenerative changes inside my joints. I had both of my hips operated on. I started using Zglobex® Doloaktiv® capsules, taking one capsule a day and very soon felt relief- not as much pain as before and full mobility. I also tried Zglobex® spray and now I carry it everywhere so I can use it when my legs start hurting too much. I really do feel much better so I will continue using these products.”

„I have been suffering from rheumatism for years now. Pains inside my hands and fingers were unbearable, and kept getting worse when the weather would change. My palms were swollen and my skin stretched and warm. I could not even properly hold cutlery, or perform sawing that I adored. My cousin, who is a doctor, recommended Zglobex® Doloaktiv® capsules. Till then I almost lost all hope, but the sense of ‘what do I have to lose’ made me start taking one capsule a day. In a very short time, my pain reduced and I was able to do small chores. I continued taking Zglobex® Doloaktiv® for another three months. I feel great now, and when I feel the pain returning, I star taking Zglobex® for a few months. I have used a lot of medicines, but the product that have helped me the most was Zglobex®.

I had pains in my ankle and knees. I could move with great difficulty and had to go to the doctor by myself every time. After a couple of steps, I would have to stop because of huge pain, so I could rest. I am a passionate smoker, which probably added to the pain appearing in my legs. As doctor recommended, I started using Zglobex® Doloaktiv® capsules and not long after Zglobex® ointment. I use them in a combination for over a month now. After a long period I was able to reach my doctor with ease this morning. I have no more pains and can move very easily.

„As a nurse, it is my job to stand around a lot. I have some excess kilograms that with prolonged standing allowed for powerful pains in my knees and right hip. In time, my ankles started hurting again, so much I could barely walk around. A doctor of general practice that I work with advised me to take Zglobex® Doloaktiv® capsules. I had the feeling of relief even after taking the first capsule. I continued taking it and my legs tend to swell much less and hurt less. I can walk for longer periods so I am motivated to lose weight. I am very satisfied. “

„For 12 years now I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. I am used to living with the pain, but constant deterioration, pains and depression that I fell further and further into was causing a growing problem. I was unable to perform simple tasks, so had to rely on people’s help. Pain relief medications helped for a while, but I was tolerating them less and less. Following a recommendation from a pharmacist, I decided to try using Zglobex® Doloaktiv® capsules. Improvement was in stiffness reduction and mobility improvement, reduction of pain and I could feel relief even at the second package of capsules. I decided to continue the therapy, because that is the only way for me to function, do every day activities and take care of myself.”

Few years ago I suffered shoulder fracture. The consequence is measured to be at 10% invalidity. I had strong pains and have gone through a lot of different analgesic medications. Your Zglobex capsules (tablets) helped me a lot, as well as Zglobex ointment.
Pain keeps coming back even today so I still use the ointment, while I add capsules when the pain worsens, especially when the weather changes. I am still able to work as a nurse in intensive care unit, and your products help me do my job easily.

„My whole I spent in the household, and always on the move. I have never even imagined having joint issues and that someday I might not be able to perform regular daily tasks. I suffer from arthritis and a lot of pain in my hands, elbows and knees. My joints have deformed already. I tried many products but they would only reduce the pain, not solving the problem. I heard about Zglobex and decided to try it. I started using capsules 2 times one capsule daily. After only a couple of days, I felt much better. After one month I reduced it to just one capsule a day. I watch my hands every day, and can notice my fingers are getting straight slowly. To all of my friends with the same problem I now say- do not lose hope!

„Years have led to deterioration in my joints, so I suffered knee pain. This pain significantly reduce my movement, and a lot of other jobs. I used Zglobex ointment as recommended by my doctor. Ointment felt really good every time I would apply it, and after ten days of its use, my pain stopped altogether. I can walk freely now. “

„For a long time now I have been suffering from pain in my palms, swelling that constricted my finger movement. I was diagnosed with arthrosis of the palm fingers. I did not react well to common analgesics due to my sensitive stomach.  I started using Zglobex capsules a few months ago, first taking 2 capsules a day and then just one daily. The swelling is reduced, pain considerably lessened and my mobility restored. And what matters to me especially, I do not have stomach issues from taking Zglobex.”

„For a long time now I’ve been suffering from leg pain, especially in my knees. Due to issues with my stomach I was not able to take analgesic medications. I can hardly move. My doctor recommended Zglobex capsules. After only a few days I felt much better and the pain was reduced. The next day I felt even better and could walk more easily. I do not have pain now, and still use Zglobex capsules. “

„My whole work life I spent on my feet. I used to work for 35 years as an assistant chef in a restaurant. For the last 12 years I have degenerative changes in both knees, with pain and burning sensation and visible swelling. I was taking pain medication from time to time. Once I heard about Zglobex, I decided to try it. Soon after I felt a relief- first the pain was gone, I could move more easily. Eventually, the swelling reduced and after 6 weeks, they were gone! I am more than satisfied with Zglobex and will continue using it as my doctor recommended. “

„After having a baby, I was left with some extra weight. I corrected my diet but the weight did not change. As my kids grew I had to engage in all kinds of outdoor, game activities. The weight was holding me back, and my spine started hurting, next the legs and knees. I used to take all kinds pain medicines but they failed to help.
One month ago I tried Zglobex capsules. After one capsule, the pain was gone. Free of pain, I can move easily and play with my daughter as she grows. “

„While I worked, I used to sit in the bank for the whole day long. I now have 59 years and have been retired for 9 years. A while ago, I started feeling stiffness in my hip. After only a few days, I could barely move. I still did not use any medications, but then my cousin recommended Zglobex. I started using Zglobex capsules and Zglobex ointment. I started with 2 capsules a day and few applications of ointment. After just one day, I felt better. After the second day, the pain and stiffness disappeared. I continued using it, so the problem I had may never happen again. “

„While I was working in sport, I was very active and agile. I have been retired for a couple of years now and suffering from rheumatism. I went to the rheumatologist and used a lot of products but nothing seemed to help. The pain in my hands and shoulders was getting worse, and the mobility reduced. When I learned about Zglobex ointment I decided to try it. The first relief I felt after second application to the sore spot, and the pain completely vanished in 7 days’ time. I am very satisfied and would recommend Zglobex to anyone with joint problems. 

„I’ve been doing a very precision demanding job all my life. My hands are my main tool. As years went by, my hands and fingers started hurting and that made me unable to work. Although retired, I love working but am more and more limited by the pain and loss of mobility of my fingers.
My doctor recommended zglobex capsules. After just one capsule my pain stopped and I could bend my fingers easily. I continued using one capsule of Zglobex a day.
Thank you so much for making me able to work again, and fulfill my retirement days. “

„Most problems I used to have with my hand joints, especially in my fingers. The pain was unbearable and swelling consistent, I could not sleep. From the first day I was diagnosed I was taking methotrexate in high doses and corticosteroids. As time went by, my illness progressed and my joints deformed, and unable to work was sent into invalid retirement.
In the February of this year I heard of Zglobex and can easily say it is excellent. In agreement with my doctor I started using 2 capsules a day, and after that just one a day for the next few months. I feel great now, have no swelling and pain and my good mood returned. I can do anything without trouble. Thank you!. “

„For a few years back I’ve been suffering from knee pain. As an accountant, I spend a lot of my time by a desk and tend to move very little. Every time I needed to stand up, it was more difficult. I tried many kinds of ointments, balsams but with no result. A pharmacist recommended Zglobex to me. I would also recommend it for it helped me considerably. I feel lighter and pain free, and naturally very satisfied. I can get up and walk without pain now…”

„I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis for a long time, and have been using methotrexate at times. I had to stop using it recently due to adverse effects it had, and continued Voltaren due to excessive pain. Even with this therapy I still had severe pains and movement problems due to knee pain. About 20 days ago I started using Zglobex, one capsule a day. I feel a significant improvement after only a few days, and can move much easily. At this time, I can only feel a bit of weight in my knee, but the pain almost completely disappeared. In the meantime, I only had to use Voltaren two times. I will continue using Zglobex® for another 3 months, so the long term effect would appear, and cartilage damage slow down
I will recommend it to anyone I know having problems with joints. I could not believe that after years of suffering, I would succeeded in a relatively short period using Zglobex, to considerably improve my condition and lessen the pains I’ve been suffering“

„I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Most trouble I had with swelling and pain in my left fist. The pain and swelling stopped me from doing everyday things. I was using methotrexate and sulfasalazine. In November last year, I started using Zglobex®. I could feel improvement in a very short time. The swelling that was predominant in my left hand was completely gone. I feel great now, with no more pain, can bend my fingers and do all the everyday activities. I am very satisfied and gladly recommend Zglobex to all, and will continue using it myself. “

„I’ve been suffering ankle pain, knee, hip and spine pain for a long time now. Pain used to shift from one joint to the next, which prevented me from performing everyday activities, while at night I could not sleep. I started using Zglobex a few months ago. Even after only two capsules I felt some relief, and after third box of Zglobex, all symptoms were gone. I don’t suffer from any joint pain at this time. I am more than happy to get my life back with Zglobex.
I recommend Zglobex to anyone, and will continue using it. “

„Six months ago, the fingers in my left palm started swelling. My piano work was getting more difficult each day, while my whole life depended on the piano lessons I was holding. I started taking all kinds of medication, from regular medicines, aromatherapy, bioenergetics, healing baths, massages etc. Pain medications would help for a short period, but my hands were still swollen and the hand was getting stiffer. I read a newspaper article about Zglobex and started taking 2 capsules daily. After 9 days I called the manufacturer and asked them to listen over the phone how I could play the piano again. I will continue using Zglobex® and recommend it to my friends for pain and swelling relief in joints. “

„I could barely move due to my painful knees, so my neighbors had to do shopping for me for I could not pass over some 20 stairs. A friend told me about Zglobex over the phone. I started taking 2 capsules a day and after two months the swelling disappeared, pain was gone and I could move freely. I can now go to the store, post office or bank all by myself, sit outside with my neighbors in the park and enjoy taking walks. I will continue taking Zglobex, now only one capsule a day and have already recommended it to my friends who are older like me and have joint problems.“


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