ZGLOBEX Ointment

Pain, reduced mobility and other damages that lead to deformity in arthritis are mostly progressive in nature, worsening over time but also dependent from various factors. Sometimes the pain is more severe, while other times pain receptors are less sensitive to pain sensation. Therefore, osteoarthritis symptomatic therapy requires multiple level approach.

Local therapy in for of ointment application is used as an additional therapy to capsules for its faster action (link for section- how does it work). This is very important in cases when pain is very severe (weather change egg.) Additionally, when used the ointment regularly, the effect of active ingredients is increased and affects positively to illness progression.

Ointment application is irreplaceable in cases systematic action of drugs are to be avoided. Sometimes, due to gastric sensitivity, it is not recommended to use capsules, so the ointment remains the only solution for symptoms’ relief.

What is ZGLOBEX ointment?

ZGLOBEX® ointment is intended for direct application to painful spots. Enables relief and support to muscles and joints for as long as 12 hours after application. ZGLOBEX® ointment is a result of collaboration of modern production technologies and traditional medicine.

Inside ZGLOBEX® ointment formula, active herbal components with confirmed actions are used. These actions are confirmed in clinical trials and a century long use in traditional medicine. Additional substances and production technology of ZGLOBEX® ointment are as such that they ensure skin pores’ opening and maximal penetration of active components through skin as well as their fast release.

Regular use of ZGLOBEX® ointment via circular application on sore body parts, alleviates pain, stiffness and addresses joint cartilage damage, no matter the cause.

ZGLOBEX® ointment enables:

  • Faster pain relief and relaxation of stiffened joints, and cramped or tense muscles. Improves circulation and vascularization on the injured spot, removing inflammation mediators and harmful by-products faster from the region.
  • Faster recovery after injuries.

How does it work?

ZGLOBEX® ointment is a unique combination of herbal bioactive ingredients, vitamins and minerals that is ideal for all who prefer active lifestyle and require joint support, mostly with later age.

Herbal extracts that allow efficacy of Zglobex ointment in pain elimination and other common symptoms of arthritis, are derived from the plant in the purest and most stable form.

Angelica sp. angelica, angel root, is a well-known medicinal herb used and well respected by ancient Chinese practitioners. Laboratory derived and clinical studies of angel root have shown a powerful anti-inflammatory effect through the diminishing immune cell activity that cause tissue damage in rheumatoid arthritis. Skin vascularization is improved that leads to faster absorption of substances through the skin and faster pain and stiffness relief.

Panax notoginseng, has a long tradition of use in eastern medicine, and once only the emperor was allowed to use it. Root extract of notoginseng is used for heightened stress and exertion adaptation (adaptogenic substance).

The name panax is derived from Greek that means “cures all”. When applied locally it increases tissue vascularisation and is efficient in inflammation processes inside joint regions.

Chaenomeles speciosa, Maule’s quince has a powerful anti-inflammatory action. Relieves local inflammation symptoms like swelling, redness and stiffness in the joints. Acts on the muscles as well by removing harmful by-products, eases muscle function and removes feeling of weight from legs.

Fruit extract of Japanese quince has a powerful ant nociceptive effect, disrupts pain-pathways, stopping the signal transfer from injured spot to the brain. This way, the relief after application of ZGLOBEX® ointment can set in faster. This effect is important in chronic joint pain that increases in time.

Glycyrrhiza uralensis, sweet root or liquorice, have been used for centuries in traditional Greek and Chinese medicine as a plant containing a range of bioactive components. Most important are the effects of glycyrrhizic acid, responsible for anti-inflammatory action. Due to anti-inflammatory action and the action of containing the swelling process, it contributes reduction of arthritis symptoms.

Due to cortisol-like substances (steroidal anti-inflammatory agent) liquorice root is excellent as a continuation of corticosteroid therapy.

Who is it recommended for?

ZGLOBEX® ointment is recommended for localized application in rheumatic pain, swelling and stiffness that are consequences of aging process, autoimmune reactions, sport derived or other injuries.

It is recommended to use alongside Zglobex DoloAktiv capsules or already applied therapy with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen, meloxicam, diclofenac, etc.) and corticosteroid therapy (Prednisone).

How to use: 2 to 4 times daily rub the ointment on sore, inflamed or damaged body part. Ointment should be applied during a few minutes and using circular rubbing motion.

Joints are covered with only a small portion of subcutaneous tissue, so it is recommended to apply ointment with soft circular motion with mild pressure. Ointment should be applied to muscles and tired legs using a bit more pressure while maintaining circular motion.

After use, wash hands with soap and warm water.


Do not apply near eyes or on damaged skin.

Not recommended to expose treated body part to sunlight.

In case of allergies (redness, rash, itching) stop using the product and consult a doctor.

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