Zglobex Relax

When we experience a sudden and powerful muscle contraction, that happens by its own free will, we call that a muscle cramp, or spasm. This cramping may last from a few seconds to few minutes and usually is very painful and unpleasant feeling. It most affects leg muscles, such as calves in the legs.

Why do muscle cramps develop? Cramps usually develop due to excessive training, in pregnancy, after long periods of standing or sitting down, due to low exposure to low temperatures especially to icy water. However, regardless the cause, in its core lies nervous impulse misconnections due to mineral imbalance in the muscle tissue.

If the cramps mostly occur during night time and are fairly regular, the most probable cause is restless leg syndrome. This unpleasant condition makes it difficult to fall asleep, creates tension and restlessness and lowers the quality of life.

What is ZGLOBEX relax?

Although most of the time they do not pose serious medical conditions, repeated cramps act negatively to sleep, daily mood and disable normal everyday performance. Therefore, one should always have nearby a product for muscle recovery; electrical balancing factor for the muscle tissue, that will ease the cramp and relieve the pain.

Muscle contraction is a result of complicated biochemical processes. For each contraction to occur, magnesium is necessary. When the body has magnesium deficiency, muscles tend to stay in the state of prolonged contraction often felt as cramping and strong pain, and sometimes skin develops indentations and plications due to muscle deformity.

How does it work?

ZGLOBEX® relax capsules act on several levels and effectively stop cramp formation in few different ways.

Liposomal magnesium

Magnesium deficiency in the body is one of the leading causes of cramping, for it directly provides energy for the muscles and ensures its normal contraction. Magnesium in Zglobex® Relax capsules is unique due to its liposomal membrane that enables its fast and complete absorption into the body, also remaining inside for a longer period. It does not possess a so called “metallic” taste that are characteristic for elemental magnesium.

Vitamin K2 in form of MK7 with superior bioavailability

In older people, as well as in younger population with a genetic predisposition for blood vessel deposit formation, one of the cramp causes is poor circulation. For a normal muscle work, good circulation is necessary, because oxygen, glucose and minerals are delivered to the tissue through blood. With poor circulation, there is not enough substances needed for a normal contraction, while waste keeps accumulating.
Vitamin K2 – MK7 inside ZGLOBEX® relax capsules protects blood vessels from fatty deposits and enhances circulation and maintains elasticity of the blood vessels. New studies show that K2-MK7 helps diminish pain, frequency and duration of cramps.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is very important for development and normal function of nerves that transport impulses from the brain to the muscles. In cases of vitamin B6 deficiencies, an overstimulation occurs, and cramps develop inside the muscles. Therefore, additional intake of Vitamin B6 is recommended for persons having trouble with cramps, especially night cramps. ZGLOBEX® relax capsules connect and feed nerves and muscles, enabling normal muscle and nerve function.

Vitamin B6 je veoma značajan za izgradnju i normalno funkcionisanje nerava koji prenose impulse od mozga do mišića. U nedostatku vitamina B6 dolazi do preterane stimulacije i grčenja mišića. Zbog toga se osobama koje imaju probleme sa grčevima, naročito noćnim, preporučuje dodatni unos B6. ZGLOBEX® relax kapsule ishranjuju i nerve i mišiće omogućavajući normalan rad.

Who is it for?

Zglobex® relax capsules are recommended for establishing biochemical balance in nerves and muscles, pain and cramping reduction. Regular use is recommended for following persons:

  • That endure long standing or sitting down periods
  • That practice regularly and/or are under great physical stress
  • That are under a lot of stress
  • That have damaged or deposited blood vessels
  • That are prone to dehydration leading to mineral disbalance
  • That do not take enough vitamins and minerals in their regular diet

Recommendation for use:

One to two capsules a day.